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BORA KS 700 roll-forming machine tool

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Roll-forming machine tool



English Russian


BORA KS 700 roll-forming machine tool is to produce double standing seam profiles 25mm from blanks

The machine tool  КС-700Fp is designated for shaping panels of a classic seam roof with a  crest (rebate) height 25 mm.

Metal sheet or roll metal is used as original material.

Mobile carriage, moved by means of a manual wheel, provides a rapid readjustment of a machine tool for different width of a metal band.

Demountable construction of a machine tool allows to locate it in the most convenient places for manufacturing and roof panels mounting.

The basic set  КС-700Fp  includes ground –type roll decoiler with load-carrying capacity. 400kg., support carriage on four wheels and a set - 2 pcs. of  rapidly removable trapezoidal rigidities.


Original material:  Rolled sheet iron with a decorative and protective paint coating by  GOST Р 52146-2003, galvanized by GOST Р 52246-2004.

Aluminium, copper, zink-titanium


Characteristic features of the machine tool

- mobile carriage, moved by manual wheel, provides a rapid readjustment of a machine –tool for different width of original band;

- demountable construction of a machine-tool allows to locate it in most convenient places for manufacturing and roof panels mounting;

- machine tool construction makes it possible to roll roof patterns of a wedge-like shape;

- convenient readjustment of a machine tool for another metal thickness by means of axis with excentrical adjustment;

- machine tool set includes  a stand for rolling rigidities on the face side of the panel and roll decoiler ;

- machine tool can be additionally equipped with a mechanical length counter and cutting disk knive;

- profiling rolls are coated with anti-corrosive galvanic coating.



KS-700Fp Machine tool technical characteristics:

Width of  incoming band  (strip) - 250 – 700mm

Machine tool adjustment for different width of  a strip  is performed by turning the wheel where moveable carriage with a block of  coiler rolls is moved for the required width of a strip

Thickness of  rolling metal- 0,45 - 0,7mm

Roll forming velocity - 12 m/min

Drive capacity - 1,1 kW

Weight of machine tool in complete set – 215kg

Sizes in standard configuration (with decoiler) - 3000х1400х900mm

Start-up, stop, reversing mechanism + Length counter<

Machine tool is possible to be adjusted for thickness 0,8mm for plastic metals (copper, aluminium, zink-titanium)

The standard complete set of machine tool includes the following:

- removable stand for rolling on rigidities for the face side of the panel

- support carriage is equipped with 4 wheels

- roller decoiler with load-carryinng capacity. 400kg





Machine tool control system:


Standard complete set - start-up, stop, reversing mechanism

 Additional options:


Automatic “ mini” control system» + 60 000 rubles

Machine –tool built-in cutting disk knife  + 32 000 rubles

Mechanical counter for panel length + 25 000 rubles