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PRM Machine tool



English Russian


PRM Machine- tool  (Longitudinal Metal slitting) – BORA PRODUCTION


PRM Mobile machine -tool is designated for coil metal and metal sheet slitting for the strand of the required width. The construction of  block-knives allows to move them to the required rolling parameters quickly and without significant efforts. Mobility of the machine-tool allows to perform cutting works of the required strands directly on the construction site in very different conditions(weather, electric power lines 220V or 380V).


For changing the width of the strand to be cut is enough to screw off the clamp handle in the low part of the block-knife construction and to move it freely to the required position.


technical characteristics

Thickness of the metal to be cut from - 0,4 to – 1,2 mm.

Width of the part blank - 1270 mm.

The number of longitudinal knives in a standard set - 5 pcs. (possible up to -10 pcs.)

Minimal width of the strand obtained – 62 mm.

Cutting rate 15 m/min

Weight - 75 kg

Drive power - 1,1 kW

Possible to be executed with supply voltage 220 V or 380 V

Machine –tool readjustment for another program is performed within 5 minutes.

Idle block - knives  are removed easily due to their original construction of drive shafts, and the remained ones are readjusted and fastened by means of one fixing handle.